Allen Daevid Good morning   V2054 Virgin UK  76 Ex/Ex    
Allen Daevid Now is the happiest.. AFF3 Affinity UK M/M-    
Amon Duul Phallus dei   LBS83279 UA FR Ex/Ex insert  
Amon Duul Vive la trance  UAS29504 UA UK Ex/Ex insert  
Amon Duul Yetti    LSP101 Liberty UK Ex/Ex 2 lp  
Animals The Animals   OP7432 Odeon Jap Ex/Ex red wax  
Animals The best of..  SMM2010 MGM Jap Ex/Ex booklet , g/f  
Animals The legendary ..  OP9461 Odeon Jap M/M 2LP,delux edition.  
Art bears Winter songs    Re0618 Recommend UK M/M    
BEATLES 1967-1970   162-1053093 Apple SP Ex/Ex spanish only,diff. track listing  
BEATLES Anthology 1&2&3 Apple Jap 96 M/M 3 3LP set, obi, booklet  
BEATLES For sale  PCS3062 Parlophone sng Ex/Ex yellow / black label  
BEATLES Hard days night    OP 8147 Odeon Jap Vg/Ex diff. slv, red wax  
BEATLES Hard days night  PCS3058 Parlophone UK Ex/Ex yellow / black label  
BEATLES Help ! "Socorro"  MOCL136 Odeon Sp M-/M-    
BEATLES Help!  PMC1255 Parlophone UK Ex/Ex yellow / black label  
BEATLES Let it be         PCS7096 Apple UK M-/M export cover  
BEATLES Live at BBC            Apple UK M/M    
BEATLES Please please me PMC1202 Parlophone UK Ex/Ex yellow / black label  
BEATLES Que noche.. MOCL122 Odeon SP 63 Ex/Ex    
BEATLES Revolver  PMC7009 Parlophone UK 66 Ex/Ex yellow / black label  
BEATLES Rubber soul PCS3075 Parlophone UK Ex/Ex yellow / black label  
BEATLES Sgt. Pepper       MAS2653 Capitol USA 67 M-/Ex inserts, mono  
BEATLES Sgt.Pepper.. 064 4177 Odeon SP M/Vg yellow wax  
BEATLES Sgt.Pepper.. 064 4177 Odeon SP M/Vg+ yellow wax  
BEATLES Sgt.Pepper.. Ap8163 Apple Jap M/Ex    
BEATLES Sgt.Pepper.. DC1 Parlophone FR Ex/Ex 1978 Transparent wax  
BEATLES Sgt.Pepper.. PCS7027 Parlophone UK 67 Ex/Ex yellow / black label  
BEATLES Sgt.Pepper.. PMC7027 Parlophone UK 67 Ex/Ex yellow / black label, mono  
BEATLES The Beatles  PMC7067/8 Apple UK 68 Ex/Ex mono, all inserts  
BEATLES The Golden Beatles  UPS677V Overseas rec Jap 86 M/M extra 7"  
BEATLES With the Beatles PMC1206 Parlophone UK Ex/Ex yellow / black label  
Beefheart Doc at the radar.. V2172 Virgin UK M-M-    
Beefheart Ice cream for .. ARE38274 Epic USA M-/M- promo stamp on back sleeve  
Beefheart Legendary A&M sessions A&M Holl M/M    
Beefheart Mirror man  BDS5077 Buddah USA Ex/Ex re  
Beefheart Safe as milk  MAL1117 M.Arch UK Ex/Ex    
Beefheart Shiny beast  OVED67 Virgin UK M-/M- re  
Beggars opera Pathfinder   6360073 Vertigo SP M/M Swirl  
Berry Chuck Exitos   7525 Moviplay SP Ex/Ex    
Berry Chuck In London   LP1405 Chess USA M/M- black label orig.  
Berry Chuck St.Louis to Liverpool   1148 Chess USA M-/Ex black label orig.  
Bowie David An evening with    DJL1-3016 RCA USA M-/M- radio show  
Bowie David El rey del gay power   dcs1504 Deram SP Ex/M- 2LP,single slv.spanish only  
Bowie David Fame 90         SPRO04532 EMI        /M 12" WLP,5 mixes  
Can Monster movie  Spoon/UA IT/UK Ex/Ex rec. is uk original  
Can Soundtracks   005 Spoon Ger M/M    
Chicken shack 100 ton chicken  7-63218 Blue horizon UK Ex/M    
Chicken shack 40 blue fingers  7-63203 Blue horizon UK M/M    
Chicken shack OK Ken ?  7-63209 Blue horizon UK Ex/Ex g/f  
Clearlight Symphony    88650-1 Virgin SP M/M    
Coasters The Coasters     33-101 Atco USA M/M- 2nd press (1962)  
Cocker Joe With the little help.. SLRZ Regal Zono UK Ex/Ex promo sticker on label  
Cohen Leonard same   LSP982106-1 CBS SP  89 M-/M- promo  
Coleman Ornette Ornette !    SAH-K 6235 London UK 62 M-/M-    
Depeche Mode In concert - 345 BBC TS UK 85  - /M- BBC transcription services  
Diddley Bo Rides again    NPL28029 PYE UK Ex/Ex    
Doors 1st    EKS74007 Elektra USA M-/Ex red label  
Doors LA Woman   EKS75011 Elektra USA Ex/Ex WLP,no insert  
Doors Morrison hotel   EKS75007 Elektra USA M-/Ex red label  
Dupree Champ.Jack The heart of the blues is.. BYG FR Vg/Ex    
Eiderjazz same    iz 131 d IZ SP  81 Ex/Ex insert  
Embrio Reise           20 Schneeball Ger Ex/M- 2LP,g/f,booklet  
Errobi Ametsaren bidea   4022 Xoxoa SP  85 M/M    
Faust 1               2310 142 Polydor UK Ex/Ex clear wax,PVC sleeve  
Faust 4                877391 Virgin SP Ex/Ex    
Faust So Far  2310196 Polydor Ger Ex/Ex All inserts  
Faust Tapes     RR6 Recommend UK M/M    
Fogerty John Centerfield Warner SP  85 M/M promo, insert.  
Frith/Cutler Live in Prague & Washingt. Recommend UK M/M    
Gong Angel's egg     V2007 Virgin Holl Ex/Ex g/f,black & white label  
Gong Camembert electrique CRM Charly UK Ex/Ex g/f  
Gong Continental circus  6332 033 Phillips FR Ex/Ex    
Gong Floating anarchy    FR Ex/Ex black & white sleeve  
Gong Floating anarchy  CRM2000 Charly UK Ex/Ex    
Gong Flying teapot   V2002 Virgin UK Ex/Ex g/f,black & white label  
Gong Gong est mort.. Tapioca FR Ex/Ex 2LP  
Gong Magic brother..  AFF4 Affinity UK M/M    
Gong Mystery&history.. Maykng FR M/M 2LP test press, D.Allen  
Greaves/Blegvad Kew.Rhoe    V2082 Virgin UK M-/M- no insert  
Green Peter Kolors Victoria SP M/M autogr. by all band+P.Green!  
Groundhogs Blues obituary  LBS83253 Liberty UK M/M    
Groundhogs Split   LBG83401 Liberty UK M/M- g/f  
Gure bidea Nafarroa nora ?       nlx 1101 Novola SP  78 M/M booklet  
Haizea Hontz gaua   X-11-105 Xoxoa SP  79 Ex/Ex    
Haizea Hontz gaua   X-11-105 Xoxoa SP  79 M/M booklet !!  
Hatfield/the north Hatfield & the north V2008 Virgin UK ExEx g/f  
Hatfield/the north Rotter's club  840068 Virgin FR Ex/Ex    
Hedayat Dashiell Obsolete   SR83512 Shandar FR Ex/Ex    
Hendrix Jimi Electric Ladyland  920060 Barclay FR Ex/Ex 2LP,"finger" sleeve  
Hendrix Jimi Cry Of Love Barclay Fr Ex Test pressing  
Henry cow Concerts   FIDAR 001 Compendium Nor Vg/Ex 2LP  
Henry cow Unrest         Red 002 Red USA M/M    
Hillage Steve Fish rsing  89041 Virgin SP Ex/Ex    
Hines Earl Once upon a time  A9108 Impulse SP 66 Ex/Ex g/f, top open.  
Howlin' Wolf Can't put me out    2002 Blues ball USA M/M unreleased recordings 56-72  
Joplin Janis I got dem lo kozmic blues.. Columbia USA Ex/Ex 1st press  
Kinks Preservation Act 2 RCA SP M-/M- g/f,promo stamp,autogr by RD  
Korner Alexis A new generation..LBL83147 Liberty UK Ex/Ex    
Korner Alexis Wonder who  STL5381 Fontana UK Ex/Ex    
Led Zeppelin 1            HATS421-40 Atlantic SP Ex/Ex stereo sticker,diff.back slv. !!  
Led Zeppelin 1            HATS421-40 Atlantic SP Ex/Ex both sides have A side label  
Lennon John Plastic ono band Apple USA M-/Ex    
Lennon John Plastic ono band Odeon SP M-/M- promo sticker on label  
Matching mole Little red record   KC32148 Columbia USA Ex/Ex    
Matching mole Matching mole   64850 CBS UK Ex/Ex    
Memphis Slim Blue Memphis  S21 307 Barclay SP Ex/Vg+    
Presley Elvis A Canadian tribute   KKL1 7065 RCA Can 78 M-/M- yellow wax  
Presley Elvis Gold records   3L 10162 RCA SP 61 Ex/Ex orig.  
Prince Jack U Off   TSP 069-2 Sw.pig Lux 90 M/M 2LP  live in New Orleans 81  
Reed Lou Rock'n'roll animal   SPL9135 RCA SP Ex/Ex WLP  
Rolling Stones 1st   LK4605 Decca UK Ex/Ex    
Rolling Stones Beggars banquet  SKL4955 Decca SP M/M g/f blue label  
Rolling Stones Big hits high tide.. 6835210 Decca Holl M-/M- Orange wax, inserts  
Rolling Stones Big hits high tide.. NP1 London USA M-/Ex booklet  
Rolling Stones Bright lights-big city TSP010 Sw.pig   M/M white wax  
Rolling Stones Deluxe   SLC217 London Jap Ex/Ex    
Rolling Stones Dirty work   OC40250 RS USA M/M promo stamp on back sleeve  
Rolling Stones East and west  EX45008   USA M/M bootleg,  
Rolling Stones Flowers  SKL4888 Decca UK M-/M export , blue label  
Rolling Stones Get yer ya-ya's out SKL5065 Decca SP M/M blue label  
Rolling Stones Golden prize  GP103 London Jap Ex/Ex g/f booklet  
Rolling Stones Great hits   ND265 Teldec Ger Ex/Ex    
Rolling Stones L'age d'or..Vol 2  278014 Decca FR Ex/Ex g/f booklet  
Rolling Stones Let it bleed   LK5025 Decca UK Ex/Ex mono, poster  
Rolling Stones Lo mejor de..  SKL30514 Decca SP M-/M 2 LP, spanish only  
Rolling Stones Love is strong     RS12 Virgin SP      /M 12" WLP  
Rolling Stones Max 20   MAX112 London Jap M-/M- g/f super delux issue  
Rolling Stones Milestones   SKL5098 Decca SP M/M    
Rolling Stones Miss you 8'36"          002C RS SP Ex/Ex 12" WLP  
Rolling Stones Out of our heads  LKA4725 Decca Aus Ex/Ex 1st press  
Rolling Stones Performance   S90051 Warner SP Ex/Ex    
Rolling Stones Ready steady stones  1891 MRM   M/M 2 lp,bootleg  
Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones  118 505 Decca Holl Ex/Ex    
Rolling Stones Their satanic.. TXL103 Decca UK Ex/Ex 3D,mono  
Rolling Stones Through the past.. NPS3 London USA Ex/Ex octagonal  
Rolling Stones Through the past.. SLC288 London Jap vg+/vg+ octagonal,insert  
Rolling Stones We want the Stones C7835 Decca SP Ex/M spanish only  
Sandpipers Sandpipers   AML901 A&M UK      /Ex test prssing  
Shirelles Shirelles hits    SL10041 Stateside UK 63 Ex/Ex    
Sinatra Frank F.A.Sinatra/A.C.Jobim rlp1021 Reprise UK      /Ex test prssing  
Slapp happy Casablanca moon   RR5 Recommend UK M/M    
Slapp happy Desperate straight    RR12 Recommend UK M/M With Henry cow  
Soft machine Jet propelled..  Decal UK M/M autographed by K.Ayers  
Soft machine Triple Echo SHTW800 Harvest FR Ex/M 3LP box set  
Springsteen Bruce Live / 1975 - 85  SAMP1104 CBS holl 86 M/M promo,nš2210,booklet,stckr.  
Strings-a-longs Wheels    SJET-7254 Dot Jap M-/M    
Various artists Conversation with the blues Decca UK M-/M insert,super rare UK original  
Various artists Las cosas del Virgin sound Virgin SP M-/M spanish version of "V"  
Various artists Legacy of the blues sampler GNP Pol Ex/Ex promo sampler for record club  
Various artists Over the Rainbow   89115 Chrysalis SP Vg/Ex    
Various artists Raw blues    PS543 London USA M/M Mayall,Green,Spann,Dupree..  
Various artists Super Rock Aus Deutschland Metronome Ger M 3LP box set. Govi edition  
Various artists Super super blues    CRL4537 Chess UK Ex/M- Wolf,Waters,Diddley  
Various artists That's original reggae 6340001 Fontana SP M-/M- super rare  
Various artists The Blues  MAL804 Marble Arch UK Vg/Vg    
Various artists The in crowd     WSR852 CBS special UK vg+/vg+ Birds,Dylan,Cash etc..  
Various artists Un verano de exitos 1979 Hispavox SP Ex/Ex WLP,"blow away"by Harrison  
VdGG Least we can do.. CAS1007 Charisma UK Ex/Ex autogr. by Hammill  
Von Schmidt Eric 2nd right 3rd row  PYS5705 Poppy USA M-/M all inserts  
War Love is all around  LP0159 ABC SP Ex/Ex    
Waters Muddy Hard again   PZ34449 Blue sky USA M/M autographed  
Waters Muddy Sail on   1539 Chess USA Ex/Ex re  
Waters Muddy The Best Of  LP1427 Chess USA M-/M- orig. Black label  
Who A quick one    593 002 Reaction UK Ex/M    
Wray Link Link Wray      2425067 Polydor SP M-/M-    
Wray Link Stuck in gear  27266-1 Virgin SP M/M-    
Wyatt Robert The Peel sessions  SFPS037 Str.Fruit UK M/M    
Zappa Frank ..meets the mothers of.. Barking USA M/M    
Zappa Frank Absolutely free   VLP9174 Verve UK M-/M- mono, promo sticker on label  
Zappa Frank Absolutely free  V/V6 5013X  Verve USA M/M    
Zappa Frank Apostrophe'   K59201 Discreet UK Ex/Ex    
Zappa Frank Broadway the hard way  14 Zappa UK M/M g/f  
Zappa Frank Burnt weeny .. BPR8888-3 Barking USA M/M    
Zappa Frank Chunga revenge  MS2030 Bizarre USA vg+/vg+ g/f  
Zappa Frank Fillmore east..  MS2042 Bizarre USA M/M    
Zappa Frank Franchesco Zappa  ST74202 Barking USA M/M    
Zappa Frank Freak out     V6 5005-2 Verve USA Ex/Ex 2LP  
Zappa Frank Grand wazoo   MS2093 Bizarre USA M-/M- g/f  
Zappa Frank Hot rats     RS6356 Bizarre USA M/M g/f  
Zappa Frank I don't wanna be drafted  101 Zappa Can M-/M 12"single  
Zappa Frank In New York Discreet USA Ex/Ex 2LP  
Zappa Frank Joe garage 1      86101 CBS Holl M-/M- g/f,inserts  
Zappa Frank Joe garage 2&3   88475 CBS Holl M-/Ex 2LP,inserts  
Zappa Frank Just another band.. MS2075 Bizarre USA M-/M- g/f  
Zappa Frank Lumpy gravy    BPR7777-4 Barking USA M/M    
Zappa Frank Old masters sampler  7X4-1 Barking USA M-/M promo  
Zappa Frank One size fits all  DS2216 Discreet USA M/Ex g/f  
Zappa Frank Orchestral favortes Discreet USA M-/Ex    
Zappa Frank Perfect stranger  DS38170 Angel USA M/M    
Zappa Frank Rare meat      RNEP604 Del Fi USA M-/M    
Zappa Frank Sheik yerbouti   88339 CBS Holl M-/M- 2LP,sticker,inserts  
Zappa Frank Ship arriving too.. 85804 CBS Holl M-/M- insert  
Zappa Frank Sleep dirt Discreet USA M-/Ex    
Zappa Frank Studio tan Discreet USA M-/Ex    
Zappa Frank The man from utopia  25251 CBS Holl M-/M-    
Zappa Frank The mothers of inv.  GAS112 MGM USA Vg+/Ex promo  
Zappa Frank Them or us          30 Zappa UK M/M    
Zappa Frank Uncle meat     2024 Bizarre USA Ex/Ex 2LP,booklet,sticker  
Zappa Frank Waka/Jawaka  MS2094 Reprise USA M/M re  
Zappa Frank Weasels ripped.. BPR8888-4 Barking USA M/M    
Zappa Frank We're only in it..V6 5045 Verve USA M-/M    
Zappa Frank YCDTOSA sampler   7 Zappa UK M/M 2LP,g/f  
Zappa Frank You are what you is EMI Holl M/M